Monday, May 06, 2013

Breaking Bad.

My drawing of 'Mr White' in the hands of Bryan Cranston.


Matt J said...


ps said...

That's neat! How did you come to meet Bryan Cranston?

I've always thought he had a very cartoonish/expressive face (in a good way). I think it's what makes him such a good actor.

Federico Milella said...


david Gribouille said...

Ça a dû être une bien chouette rencontre !

Rona said...

Whoa, coooool!

samacleod said... awesome. How cool is that???

mylydy said...

la claaaaasse :D

Anonymous said...


Now me and Bryan Cranston have something in common - we both have sketches done by your fair hand on our wall!

Monsieur Pentecost

Anonymous said...

Amaziing !!
Je viens de découvrir (et terminé) la série,

A travers BD, j' ai (re) découvert cet acteur qui a été juste bluffant.

une vraie révélation.

Le sketch est très ressemblant !

opi said...

nom de diou...oui la classe :)