Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Work in progress (update)

Rene sent me those pictures to show us where he is at in the process of making the mould for the figurine. On these 4 pictures he's preparing the mould for the resin figurine. Then he'll clean-up the details and do the final mould for the tin...incredible amount of work!

You can see here the previous stages:
- Rough sculpt
- Preparation of the first mould, with all the canals added to pour the tin.
- First mould
- My original illustration


Alina Chau said...

The process is amazing to watch!!

PaulSketch said...

wow, lot's of steps!

thierry said...

vraiment tres chouette tes sculptures, idem pour tes croquis d'ailleurs.

sinon tes sculptures, c'est des commandes ou pour le plaisir?

Clio said...

Wow, very cool process!

Stef said...

Merci Thierry! les sculptures pour l'instant c'est pour le plaisir, on va en faire une srie limitee de 100 copies et on verra si ca interesse certaines personnes d'en acheter. Quand le bouquin sera fini et publier on les vendra certainement ensemble.