Wednesday, August 24, 2005

King Kong

Here is an illustration I did for the King Kong theme. We are a bunch of Artists in London from different studios doing a little contest every 2 weeks or so, we call it the "Eurovision Art Challenge" , we have a theme and everybody has to come up with an image in any media. The winner choose the new theme. Cartoonbrew just did a little article about it this afternoon, thanks to them. Check out the "eurovision art challenge" website, just here!
Coming back to my illustration, I did it all digitally, on photoshop, and try to achieve this collage, cut out feeling, like a pop-up, I had a lot of fun with the cars, giving them a bit of personality.
I've done more digital collage, so much much to scan different fabrics and play with them, I'll post more soon!


Denis said...

Oh my!! This is sooooo good!!! I absolutely love the cars. Great job Stef.

Denis said...

Oh, and a BIG thank you for the link. ;-)

s4ints said...


Nick Sung said...

Hey Stef-
Your cars are pretty fun! That poor blue one, though; sad little guy. I'm also a big fan of the simple city, and the painty textures. Nice stuff!

John Nevarez said...

I saw your comment on my blog, as well as your work featured on 'CartoonBrew'. Your work is AMAZING!! Love your studies and sketches. Your piece on "Worst Nightmare" is so beautiful. It's funny, but I meant leave a comment on your blog this afternoon, but I was so overloaded with work that I didn't get a chance. But I'm so glad you contacted me. Definitely look forward to seeing more of your awesome work day-to-day and again, thank you for your nice reply. Appreciate it greatly.



Stef said...

Thanks for you nice words John! I'll go back to your blog this evening and look at your great work, very inspiring!
I'll put a link to your blog in my "creative blogs".

eendar said...

I love this one!! Such a great idea to print it and make a 3d image!! I love that car moving form alpha! :D Love it love it love it!!!

Eren said...

This is cool!!

Justin Ridge said...

I like this one too! They're almost like magnets you can play with on the refridgerator door!

Smook said...

You have a great blog going on here, Stef! Looking forward to checking in more often!

King kong is a great piece! Nice work!


Jason Chalker said...

That's brilliant! I especially like the time lapse of the car he's slipping on.

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