Thursday, August 25, 2005

He's here!

Do you remember Matt? This incredibly talented Artist and friend I was talking to you about last week, the one who did the little drawing of me in my profile... he finally started a Blog! Check it out! it's really worth it. He already put some of his best work online, and he was very generous...7 posts just today!
His art is beautiful!!!
Link under Friends (Matt Cruickshank's blog).


Cedric said...

Thanks for the great link! Unofrtunately your link to Matt's blog has an extra "l" at the end that makes it not work. But if you delete that, the blog loads fine. It's beautiful work!

Stef said...

Thanks Cedric! I fixed it out.
Beautiful work indeed! and it's just the beginning.

s4ints said...

Very nice indeed..
Like the one titled "Home"
Wish I can draw like him..

Chachou said...

Thanks Stephane for the link.
Very impressed, Matt.
Show us more of your drawings...

Denis said...

OK. How freakin' awesome is his art?!? I can't stand it! Going right in the "inspiration file". Thanks for the super link Stef.