Monday, June 04, 2007

Exhibition Over.

This is one of the new piece that I showed at our exhibition, done in Croatia last year under a scorching sun.

And the Fire Engine that was parked just next to it... ready for action!


Anonymous said...

First pardon my poor english!
Lot of beautifull things to see in here, I'll be back later, for taking a good time.
Excellent, really.

AL from France.

Unknown said...

Bonsoir Al,

Je suis Francais, tu peux donc t'exprimer sans problemes.
Merci beaucoup d'etre passe!

prottis said...

Great! I love the line ,the color and above all the damaged part.

rotbart said...


Scarab’ee said...

puree stef,l effet volume du vehicule est vraiment bluffant>>>>

Anonymous said...

Eh bien chapeau alors!
Du très bel ouvrage, qui a toute ma considération.
Je vais explorer les archives : que du bonheur.
Excellente continuation.

Vince M said...

I've never seen anyone draw such wonderfully appealling cars and trucks as you do, Stephane.

Simply amazing.

Cereal Killer said...

great sketches Stef...
lovely work, i like your line trace, it is very personal the style you give to your drawings with it.

( =_=) regards!

Anonymous said...

eh bien; j'ai bien fait d repasser moi!
Unbelievable, comme dirait l'autre; assez d'accord avec le commenatire de "Vince" : vous avez donné vie à ces véhicules...
A quoi sont destinés ces posts? -en toute indiscrétion, j'en conviens!

Unknown said...

- Thanks Prottis.

- Thanks Rotbart.

- Salut Patrick! J'espere te voir bientot en Californie, je demenage a L.A en Septembre, et je ne manquerais pas de passer a San Francisco des que possible.
Merci d'etre passe!

- Thanks Vince, I really appreciate your comment. I'm trying to stop drawing cars and vehicles as I don't want to be seen as the guy who's only drawing cars.
See you very soon!

- Thanks Cereal Killer.

- Ces posts Al sont simplement mes croquis de voyages, sans aucuns but, juste pour le plaisir de dessiner ce que je veux quand je veux, sans contraintes.
Ceux-ci ont fait partis d'une expo a Londres le mois derniers.

Panda said...

Every time i get lost in your drawings! I love your lines!

You rly have an incredible talent!

Panda :)

A. Riabovitchev said...

Great images!I like those broken cars!Where you was in Croatia?

Edward said...

These are really awesome sketches. Love your style, your vehicles especially.

Unknown said...

- Thank you very much Panda.

- Hey Andrei! I was on the island of Vis, between Croatia and Italy...beautiful!

- Thanks Edward.

Jared Shear said...

Great stuff...I always enjoy your urban/car sketches, and especially when they get that wonderful PS color treatment!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jared, I really enjoy coloring them on photoshop.

Matt Jones said...

How long did it take you guys to take DOWN all the pieces?

Unknown said...

Probably 1 hour, very quick. It was hell to carry everything back to work, Crookie and I were dying on the road.

MikeS said...

How did you ever fit all that artwork on your scooter?

Nice to finally start seeing your sketches from Croatia!!

Nathan Fowkes said...

Beauties as always.

Anonymous said...

stef, just went through most of your blog - brilliant loose stuff. love the shapes and overall energy in all of these.

take care.

Unknown said...

WOW!! Beautiful!!

Unknown said...

- I'll post all my Croatia sketches very soon Mike.

- Thank you very much Nathan. I'm hoping to enroll to one of your course in L.A at the end of the year or next year.

- Thanks Lok, your cityscape sketches are amazing!

- Thanks Alina.

mish said...

Sorry to see it all down, I really wanted to go back and have another look with some friends but time just got away. Maybe next year another one?

I'm glad someone is still giving access to his talent via blog. Thanks for sharing Stef.

Anonymous said...

Interesting designs: in some ways your jazzy pen and ink sketches preferable. It's nice to see a few real artists around SF (or LA) who can still draw a bit (unlike faux-artist-emotivists whose scrawlings wouldn't make it in the usual high school art contest, such as this bay area fascist. Know when some wannabe hipster starts into her favorite beatniks, she's usually F.O.S. and licking the, uh, boots of some cop or MBA type on the weekends)

Rob Tornoe said...

Awesome. Just awesome.

Anonymous said...

"this bay area fascist"

Interesting observation, Phritz. Her "art" may be also be seen at New Demonic Worlds. What's amusing is how most modern satanists, such as the wannabe L-Ron Hubbards of
NW, are completely lacking in the style (and of course knowledge--most there would not know sein from zeit) of old-school blasphemers such as the beats or Henry Miller--. And the tools seem to believe Al Gore is an intellectual--

Fie! Perhaps some sketches from the Book of Revelation for phunn: die große

Shawn Escott said...

I haven't been to your blog in a long time and look at all of the awesome work i've been missing! Always inspiring and amazing drawings!

rose-a-petits-pois said...

A quand mon print des toits de paris?

Mick said...

you bring such vehicularee to these sketches. I suggest you do some more if you get a minute.

James Chiang said...

great much character in your sketches, even inanimate objects.

Thierry Martin said...

toute cette serie de voiture est trés chouette, comme le reste d'ailleurs.
merci pour ton commentaire.

Unknown said...

- Hey Mish, I hope we'll do another one all together.
Thanks for popping by!

- Thanks Rob.

- Thank you very much Shawn.

- Genevieve, tres tres bientot!

- Thanks Mick. I never heard the term "vehicularee" before. I'll post some more soon from Croatia, but I spent more than a minute on them :)

- Thank you very much JC.

- Merci d'etre passe Thierry. J'aime beaucoup ton travail.

Anonymous said...

exhibition in croatia! grande Stef!

Dee said...

Beautiful work Stefan! Hope the exhibition went well.
Cheers! =)

Marcos Mateu said...

Nice blog. Beautiful sketches!

Ehsan HG said...

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