Monday, February 18, 2013

Breaking Bad!

 Yes, YES, this is Anna Gunn from 'Breaking Bad' holding a portrait i've done of her, thanks entirely to my friend Regan Forman Gross who was very kind give it to her, because she's like that Regan, she knows people, and she's super nice. Anna, I call her Anna, we're like that now, also has in her possession a portrait I've done of Bryan Cranston that will find his way to him soon, thanks to Anna this time.

The 2 portraits are very different, I've done Mr white quickly while watching the show on my iPad, as for Anna Gunn, i wanted to do something more glamorous, like a vintage hollywood 1920's or 30's portrait.


Carrie Liao said...

That's awesome, Stef! Congrats! I just started watching the show so this is extra relevant to me :P

Matt J said...

Much better likeness on the quick one- I know caricatures of women are tough but maybe try one on Gunn? She quite distinctive features-

Wendy Caston said...

I love Breaking Bad! Nice job on the portraits. I think the styles fit them well. Love all your "people sketches." I so need to work on mine!