Monday, May 25, 2009

Jean-Frédéric Batemane.

A new breed of Super Hero. (this is a Renault 12, Gordini, top French car form the 70's).

Original Sketch:


Thierry Cattant said...

la Renault 12 c'est mythique!

j'en ai vu beaucoup au Senegal le mois dernier…

Vanda said...

They had to be sure to get your best angle.

Jean Spitzer said...

Terrific drawing and News news. Congratulations!

David said...

Vraiment fantastique celle-ci !
J'adore. Décidément, je prends de plus en plus mon pied à venir voir tes dessins !

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

this is great but, where's the grafitti?

Stéphane Kardos said...

- Ah ben oui Thierry, ca c'est de la caisse, y'en a pas ici des comme ca :)

- Yes Vanda, hopefully they'll use it :)

- Thanks Jean! :)

- Merci beaucoup David, c'est tres gentil :) merci de passer.

- I didn't have time to draw them mon Ami. so I wrote a little something under the drawing when I gave it to him, a little story. What year is it for you today in the time machine, you're like the island in Lost, traveling through time :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, i won't be there to watch the show, but
will youtube it, unless you'll share a link.
Merciiiiiiiiiiiii encore pour ce superbe dessin et pour etre venu faire la fete avec nous!!!
A bientot pour un lunch au Figaro?

hardoc said...

Très classe.

Cela me fait penser que j'ai roulé dans celle de mes parents pendant 25 ans.

Superbe illustr'. Merci.

kevin said...

stef these new paintings are insane!!

Stéphane Kardos said...

- Merci Hardoc, ah ben j'vois qu'on est du meme coin, je suis ne a Laon. :)

- Hey thanks a lot Kevin! you're very kind. Can't wait to get your new book man!

Meredith Quinn said...

Hey stef. this is excellent. It's a nice painting, and it's funny.
By the way, im back on the blog. I added a bunch of new stuff. Come tell me what you think!

lolo said...

Chouette, mon père avait la même, moi j'ai opté pour une 404, mon oncle en a eu un paquet !

joshua wysocki said...

sweet car
i wished i lived in europe during that time!

Cafe Pasadena said...

There's nuttin like the old original!

B! said...

nice painting

Ricardo de los Angeles said...

That's cool, love the colors!

ALban said...

Cette année à Annecy est présenté "L'homme à la Gordini"
The Man in the Blue Gordini

Est-ce un clin d'oeil?

Mansilla said...

I love that car! My father had one when I was a kid. That car was top car in Argentina too.
the renault 12 and this car:

Anonymous said...

















mysketch said...

techniques are simple sketches but firmly. hmmm ... I like your picture techniques. composition,perspective, shading, everything is right

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