Tuesday, March 17, 2009

After School.


Whitney Pollett said...

Nice lighting! Very dramatic. Tré belle as always!

martin said...

t'as pas bientôt fini de faire des dessins aussi bien!! à chaque fois que je vais sur ta page, j'en bave sur mon clavier!

Rene Fijten said...

Fabulous drawing, how the light reflects. How do you find all these subjects?

Stéphane Kardos said...

- Merci Paulette, not bad French at all.

- Ah ben alors la, t'exagere Martin, venant toi qui claque de super beaux dessins tout le temps, tu peux parler. T'es une brute!

- It's very easy Rene, it's just down the road, everywhere in L.A, honestly, it's that simple.

jess smart smiley said...

Beautiful! What a great little scene!

Dorota said...

Bardzo mi sie podoba then obrazek. Przyjemny nastroj

Dani said...

Brilliant! I love drawings with a story to them.

Vince M said...

I love these moody, dark pieces you've been posting lately. Are you gearing up to do a graphic novel?

Stéphane Kardos said...

- Thanks Jess.

- Dorota, I didn't manage to translate that one, but I'm sure you're telling me that you love me and stuff, right? :)

- Hey, thanks Dani! :) Hi to James.

- Thanks Vince, I'm really inspired by L.A at night, those kind of "film noir" scenes are everywhere around.

willborough said...

great great great! i love this one!


max said...

And another great one. Terrific colours on the side of the coach.

Dorota said...

jestes odrobine zbyt pewny siebie, LOL

Stacey Aoyama said...

Beautiful Stephane! I love the mood you're creating with these night sketches...
Let's draw at the taco truck some night!

richtuzon said...

ooh lala.

Romain Ronzeau said...

Waouh, superbe ! Ca a un petit côté Totoro aux states :)

stefan said...

Very nice. The subdued lighting and subject remind me a bit of Bill Wray's beautiful paintings.

justdoodleit said...

whatta composition! super!

Stéphane Kardos said...

- Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback :)

- Romain, j'aime beaucoup ton point de vue, c'est vrai que ca fait un peu "chat bus", je n'y avais pas pense.

-Thanks Stefan, funny you said that, I had lunch with Bill 2 weeks ago, we are almost neighbours.

SHOo said...

Alors la, woaw! C'est tellement beau!!! Cette lumiere sur le bus, ces couleurs... WOW!

MOOZIQU said...

“Any great work of art . . . revives and readapts time and space, and the measure of its success is the extent to which it makes you an inhabitant of that world -- the extent to which it invites you in and lets you breathe its strange, special air.”
Quote By Unknown

And your art definitely accomplished that :)

Ry's Photo Blog said...

The yellow on that dark midnight blue is awesome. Everything about this totally works....

ED said...

You must like painting cause this is a nice painting. Do you like to paint ?

luluberlu said...

trop beau!!!
j'adore le contraste du bus avec le reste..ca me donne envie de faire de l'aquarelle meme si je suis nulle avec cette peinture...

Magda said...

Je découvre ton blog et ton travail grâce à celui de Martin, c'est beau, bravo!

Stéphane Kardos said...

- Merci SHOo, j'avais envi de faire une sale blague genre, t'es chou, mais bon...oui je sais... :)

- Thanks MOOZIQU, for popping by and for the link on your blog :)

- and I didn't photoshop the clothes Ry :)

- Can you repeat the question Ed? I didn't get it, the question.

- Merci Lucille, faut qu'on se parle bientot.

- Merci beaucoup Magda, Martin est super talentueux!

Rock Kyndl said...

This so beautifully moody and atmospheric. That bright reflective streak on the right front of the bus sends it over the top.
I found your work on UrbanSketchers.

sponie said...

Hi Stephane,

Beautiful sketch. Really a nice mood piece. I enjoy watching you change tools and media. Always an inspiration to me.

SHOo said...

Ouf! Heureusement que tu l'as pas faite la blague, dis donc =)
Hey, looking forward to the next post!!

Oscar Grillo said...

Dorota says you are a terrible artist, and if you ever draw Warsaw (Varsovie)the way you draw Altadena she'll murder you. Even if you draw it with a telephone. That's what she says.

Georges ABOLIN said...

mais, mais comment tu fais ?!!

Dorota said...

Oscar- this is exactly what I meant just in not so many words.
Moze kiedys namalujesz Warszawe stephane?

Josh Frost said...

I like it! Nice design!

emmauel said...

abusé trop cool!!

chr!stopher said...


Tash said...

Another terrific one!

the doodlers said...

who just got off this bus...? A beauty, Stef.

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