Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ronnie's Automotive.

I went out to do this sketch for a friend on Sunday, but my wife wants to keep it for her...so it will stay at home (sorry James). Next time I won't show it to her and send it to you.

I drive by Ronnie's Automotive everyday (see older post), they have so many incredible cars there and the petrol station is so beautiful.

This is a Buick 8 1938, this car is HUGE! (look how small is this average modern car parked next to it) it looks like a boat; very impressive to seat right in front of it and draw it.

(I included the sketch before the colour)


Ellis Nadler said...

utterly divine

Dan Thompson said...

this is beautiful stephane.
i like the black brush marks on car. really adds depth.

Chanko said...

Impressive art!

Really love all your car sketches.

max said...

Woah! Great drawing and wonderful colours. Nice mood really.

J said...

Woah. This is really amazing Stef!


Bufi said...

...non ci credo...due matite differenti per la prospettiva..semplice e perfetto

Stacey Aoyama said...

wow, the color version turned out amazing! I especially like how you did that shadow in the foreground. I'll have to check that place out, so I'm sure I'll see you there!

Dorota said...

I want this car!

Mattias said...

Magnificent, sorry to hear about your father

emmanuel said...

je me demande.. suis-je cet heureux élu?
au quel cas je saute de joie,..et pis tant bien méme si nan, je saute de joie car je sais que mon tour viendra.
chapeau bas, en tout cas, elle sort vraiment du papier, trés trés beau.

Stéphane Kardos said...

- Thanks Ellis.

- Thanks Dan. We HAVE to go for dinner soon, it's been too long my friend.

- Thanks Chanko.

- Hey! Thanks Max. How are you?

- Thanks James! I really appreciate.

- Thanks Bufi! I wanted to create some depth by sketching the background in pencil and the foreground with a black pen.

- Stacey! get out of Dorota's cube!

- Thanks a lot Mattias, I appreciate your kind words. Hope all is well for you.

- Merci Emmanuel! Non, celle la n'est ne t'etais pas destinée, je suis en retard de dessin que je dois faire pour des potes, mais bientot je fais un croquis pour toi, je n'oublie pas, je vais encadrer les tiens bientot!

Ed said...

Great job, makes you wanna do headspins.

Giuseppe Ferrario said...


Jaime said...

Love it...

pascal said...

Damn.. that's a cool sketch!

Stéphane Kardos said...

- Go on Eddiz!!!

- Thanks Giuseppe.

- Thanks Jaime.

- Merci beaucoup Pascal! j'aimerais beaucoup avoir le courage d'en faire un par jour comme toi! :)

Nathan Fowkes said...

Very nice.

Petrea said...

Your iPhone paintings are terrific, but I prefer this kind of work. I guess I'm old-fashioned. I really love this. And it's so cool that you got the Coffee Gallery building in the background.

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

Beautiful Stef. Amazing depth in this. The result is spectacular in spite of the issues you claimed to have had with the ink.

Lucie Geffré said...

Just found your blog; it's really good!

BEN said...

your cars roar even when are stationary!
great sketches!!!!!

Miguel Taborda said...

wowhohohoho! sooo old-school

Tash said...

I'd wanna keep them too! Will you book include all types of your sketches?

Stéphane Kardos said...

- Thanks Nathan.

- Me too Petrea, I love drawing, get my hands dirty and most of all, to get an original in your hands at the end, a unique piece, that's my problem with digital, you end up with a print out and that's it. But the Iphone is a great tool for me sometimes to capture color moods quickly, a good practice to think different.

- Merci mon Ami! now that I have your great secret ink, that won't happen anymore.

- Thanks a lot Lucie.

Thanks Ben!

- Thanks Miguel.

- If I publish a book, yes Tash, I will do a mix of traditional and a bit of digital. But when...I don't know.


lautrette said...

B A T A R D .......

c'est bon , putain que c'est bon...

Stéphane Kardos said...

Ecoutez, merci beaucoup ma bonne dame, je suis touché.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Loving these recent car pics.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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