Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grand Ole Party/Black Keys at the House of Blues.

Mr Quinn, Dan, Jeff and I, went to see the Black Keys yesterday evening at the House of Blues in Ananheim, and saw this great band opening for them, Grand Ole Party, from San Diego. They sounded great live! The girl is singing and playing drums at the same time, they rock! It was a great surprise.
John started to sketch the guitarist and I used my Iphone again to do a colour sketch, one thing I could have never done in London, the last time I saw the Black Keys with Matt in London, we got beer poured on our heads from the balcony.


Per H said...

Awesome! Colors. Expression.

Oscar Grillo said...


Stef said...

- Tack Per.

- Wassup Yo Grillo!

axelle said...

tu as fait ca pendant le concert? c est genial comme d habitude!!^^

Dan Thompson said...

that's her! shoulders work nice.

Stef said...

- Merci Axelle. Oui pendant le concert.

- Hey thanks Dan!

Ellis Nadler said...

didn't know you could draw on them things

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

them some luscious lips baby!

orange said...

Wow Wow Wow !!!

Stef said...

- Yes you can Ellis, and it's very interesting actually to be able to do fast color keys with it.

- what's the next gig John?

- Robin! How are you?

Matt J said...

Sure it was beer?!

J'aime beaucoup le croquis en couleur; les formes, la palette, les levres-impeccable monsieur! C'est chouette ton i-phone, n'est ce pas?

Stef said...

J'aime beaucoup ton Francais! tu parles Francais couramment maintenant?

unbemerkt said...

sketching on i-phone?


i still struggling to do it on paper :)
wonderful sketches, really.



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