Monday, July 07, 2008

London... And Bits Of Barcelona (Bread and Butter)


Per H said...

I really like these ruff brushy vehicle sketches.

lapin said...

bah mince, barcelona ça aurai pu être l'occas de se boire une bière ensemble en terrasse… au prochain b&b ?

lolo said...

Belle série, ça donne envie de reprendre des vacances avec carnet et feutres !

olyaaa said...

absolutely love your freedom in sketching, way to go1

Anthony Ferré said...

Quelle belle liberté ! c' est vraiment magnifique et j' aime beaucoup ta facon de scanner tes travaux !
Puis-je me permettre de te mettre en lien direct sur mon blog ?

Matias ! said...

man some places its like buenos aires !
great job!
saludetes !

Vince M. said...

These are beautiful, Mr. Kardos. Thanks for sharing them.

M@ said...

You went EVERYWHERE in a short space of time! Great sketches.

Anonymous said...

good to have you back. great stuff. I always enjoy reviewing your sketches.

alexis venet said...

salut min camarad'
c'est festi croquis!ta du avoir un de nostalgie,non?
je t'embrasse

emmanuel said...

yes they are! (beautifull) verry rich & alive!

JC said...

Stef, these are just Great!

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

ahhhhhhh. that's the stuff! beautiful.

Peter said...

Well, Stef

You were certainly prolific after that lunch of double fish and chips and triple Pimms.
Very good to meet you after all this time and thank you so much for letting me cut the "Parson's Green" sketch out of your moleskine book.
It is already framed and hanging on the wall - a treasured possession.

All the best, mon brave.


seesue said...

Love your bits and pieces!

Dorota said...

Awesome drawings!!!!

jorge said...

Was nice and melancholic seen you around here, mon pote, I hope to see you again soon. I came back from Paris yesterday and it was lovely. The Steinberg exhibition was AMAZING!

jorge said...

Blast!...It was me, Oscar ,who wrote the above and this but my friend Jorge left the computer signed on his name and I don't know how to sign it off!!!!

Anonymous said...

j'aime vraiment beaucoup l'energie du ventu "the mall" sur ta serie london- le trait leger, mais ca souffle comme avec le pinceau... energique, c'est le mot!

Stef said...

- Tak Per.

- Oui Lapin, ou si tu passes en Californie!

- Merci Lolo! J'espere que tu vas bien.

- Thanks Olyaaa.

- Merci Anthony, et oui, tu peux me mettre en lien direct, avec plaisir.

- Gracias Matias!

- Thanks Dude!

- Merci mon Lapin. It was so good to be back in London, I walked as much as I could, I miss walking everywhere and see people in the streets... I love London.
Great times in Barcelona, was great to see you again!

- Thanks Anonymous.

- Mon Sexy! ah ouis, c'a fait tout drole de revenir a Londres, c'est comme etre a la maison, meme si je ne suis pas Anglais, mais bon, 6 ans la bas c'est pas rien. J'etais super content de me balader partout.
La prochaine, Paris!

- Merci beaucoup Emmanuel!

- Thanks a lot JC.

- Thanks John! aren't you tired to skateboard all the time in your avatar?

- It was very nice to meet you Peter, and thanks a lot for the lunch and the Pimm's, much needed.
I'm glad you like the sketch!

- Seesue, we never met and you already love them...

- Thanks Dorota! platcze metco

- Oscar! it was so good to see you again, I miss you mon tres cher Ami. Tina was so jealous.
Next time, you come to California, we can go on a Disney Cruise!

- Merci Laurent!

Matt J said...

At last-an update! Lovin' those London buses-I miss them too.
Did u see ALL-E yet? What did you think of it?

Bises- M

Dan Thompson said...

beautiful as always

richtuzon said...

i didn't see pink in any of the sketches...what's going on?

geraldraws said...

faudra éditer tout ça un jour, c'est beau.

Oscar Grillo said...

It's a long way to Tipperary......

Oscar Grillo said...

Is it possible to be a "boulevardier" walking in Hollywood Boulevard?

Julio. said...

Wonderful ! wonderful!

Stef said...

- No, haven't seen WALL-E yet. Did you like?

- Thanks Dan! see you soon.

- Rich...

- Merci Gerald, j'aimerais beaucoup, j'y pense.

- With this new face of yours Oscar, sure. You could be SUPER OSCAR as it's all about Super Hero there.

- Thanks a lot Julio!

Nathan Fowkes said...

I envy your travels and your unique sketching ability.

Rob Carey said...

Love those sketches! Awesome work.

messytimbo said...

darn! these are some mega good drawings! i can see from them that you went to the RCA show :)

great sketch man.

the all wonderful.

Stef said...

- Thanks Nathan, I envy your painting ability... maybe one day we can combine our skills, I do a sketch and you color it!

- Thanks a lot Rob!

- Many thanks Messytimbo, no I didn't go to the RCA show, I just stayed outside, I liked the big letters.
I would have love to draw more in London.

Craig Mackay said...

Awesome sketches as usual, Stephane. Are you putting a book together for comic-con?

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Gorgeous work Stephane. Love the color in that top one.

louïc said...

Super crokis!
Vraiment chouette...

Tyler Roemer said...


Stacey Aoyama said...

Bonjour Stephane,
I really loved these sketches and how they visually tied in with the Glendale drawings! Anyone who can make Glendale look as interesting as London has the skills :)

A. Riabovitchev said...

Grrrrrreat sketches!:o)

DO said...

j'aime vraiment ce que tu fais des immeubles, des véhicules divers et des gens...surtout le style de la planche du 28 juin, la petite voiture en bas à droite a franchement du style...entre autres bus etc. ciao steph!

TopToons said...

Gorgeous work, simply beautiful.

Joern said...

Wow, how great is this? You have a very sponanios-looking style. Inspiring.

axelle said...

tes dessins sont toujours aussi beau! j admire vraiment ton travaille!!
je te fais de gros bisous!
a bientot
tu nous manque

PaulSketch said...

its great to see London and Barcelona sketches!! Reminds me of the trip and sketches I did there last summer :)

the doodlers said...

Such wonderful life in these! Especially the dry brush sketches. Perfect.

Tash said...

This is absolutely fabulous.
I wonder if Babooshka from Ramsey Daily Photo has visited you - she would love these just as much as I do. Her partner is a cartoonist + BBC show host. You'd enjoy seeing his blog.

Anonymous said...
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