Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Disney Ranch.

Last Friday, we went to the "Disney Ranch" in the Placerita Canyon, for a
nice day of outdoor painting, along with some Artists from Disney
The Disney Ranch is located on few hundred acres of breathtaking land,
bought by Disney in the 50's, that was used and is still used to shoot
movies. Amongst many, the only one I remember that I've been told are,
"Pete's Dragon" and "Big Top Pee Wee".
There's also one of many of Walt Disney's properties on site, a beautiful
house that he used as a weekend retreat.

I chose oil pastels for my painting as I never really used it, and had a lot
of fun. This red barn was used in Big Top Pee Wee, and there was a guy doing
some location photos for the "My Name is Earl" show as I was painting it.
(this is the last painting I've done of the day)

There was also and old Western Town, used in many movies I guess, falling
apart; a street with a Saloon, Bank...but I chose to paint the mess at the
back, revealing all the fake of a movie set, big beams of wood supporting
the facades, more abstract and interesting to me.
(This is the second painting I've done, the first one was just a muddy mix of oil pastels on a board)

My tools for the day.

Beautiful scenery, all the houses are fake, the stones are made out of foams and plastics, empty inside.

The water is real though.

Inside Walt Disney's home, his 2 leather seats that are apparently originals.


schunnin said...

Wow, what an honor to be the first one to comment here:)

Dear Stef, I deeply believe if someone give you nothing but plain air, you'll do some amazing art with it...
Really inspiring nature, and some places with "ghost from the past", must give you fun, so obvious in your paintings.
Please never stop doing what you do best - giving us fun that you put along with ink and paint into your art...

Have a nice day!


Raghu G said...

"hidden disney".

Oscar Grillo said...


alexis venet said...

la vache!!t'etais chez joss randall,nan?

M@ said...

You should continue down the oil pastel route-it looks fruitful.

Oscar is getting funnier!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Stef! I don't know if you remember me, I came for work experience a few years back at DCP! Followed Gerben around a lot? Just thought I'd pop a little message as I stumbled across your blog. I am amazed by ALL your artwork! I also remember Radio silence, that was a nice little exhibition. How have you been since and what ever happened to Gerben as I haven't heard from him in a while! Kym x

Clive said...

Was there a basement? Was there a freezer in it? Did you look? You seem to avoiding the big questions with those distracting nice sketches and the photos.

Elliot Cowan said...

Gerben was eaten by wild dogs.
They was provoked.

Dorota said...

Very nice pastel work. Oil pastels?

Craig Mackay said...

I love the barn image! Really great lighting and feel.

richtuzon said...

I agree with Craig again...nice sense of lighting. Can't wait to see when you dive in with the brush.

Anonymous said...

Your tools, and Art are great

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

the drawings are lovely but, please don't show me your tool.

Stef said...

- Well, thanks a lot schunnin.

- No but there was a freezer in the basement Oscar which I didn't dare opening.

- Oui mon Sexy, avec des Coboyes et des Indiens partout, pis des vrais, pas ceux de chez nous.

- Merci mon Ami Matt. It's good to go back to painting and have original art in your hand as a reward, it's a good feeling.

- Hi Kym, thanks for popping by. What are you doing now?

- I can't talk about it Clive.

- Yes Dorota, Oil Pastels. Thank you!

- Thanks Craig.

- Jaba jabou Rich?

- Thank you very much Yaxin, I return the compliment to you, your Art is beautiful!

- Japan soon John!

Alina Chau said...

WOW Beautiful painting!! I didn't know about the ranch. It is opened to public visit?