Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guardian Feature.

This is an illustration I've done for the "Guardian Weekend", published yesterday morning. Very exciting to have my first full page in the Guardian!

And 3 small drawings that were used in the columns to illustrate the article.


Anita Califa said...


i liked the first

Anita said...

Congratulations....I wish I'd known I'd have purchased it.

Cooked Art said...



Randeep Katari said...

I LOVE the first illustration especially, but they're all so amazing - do you think you could post a scan of the article?

Stef said...

- Thanks Anita, next time I'll post the illustrations before they're published, you can then buy the Guardian on the day.

- Thanks Cooked Art.

- I'll scan the article during the week Randeep.

max said...

Wow, great illustrations, they are really wonderful and communicate a lot.

Sarah said...

Hey, I saw those in the paper, they looked great! :-D

Randeep Katari said...

Thanks so much Mr. Kardos! I wish we got the Guardian in Canada..I'd definitely pick this up...article seems kinda interesting too.
If you could, I'd love to hear what you think of my stuff if you can check out my blog - or if you use msn please feel free to add me - my msn is randeepk{at]hotmail[dot}com

VishyFishy said...

the first pic is really cute =)
true love lasts forever eh? ^^

Matt J said...

That full page looks great!! & the spots look cool too especially the girl staring into space- i LIKE!!!!

rose-a-petits-pois said...

wow! C'est tres joli!
Il y a beaucoup d'emotions dans ces images.
J'adore tout particulierment la premiere illustration! C'est tout tendre et mignon! :-)

Tu dois etre vachement content d'avoir une si grande et belle page dans le Guardian!

Rebel Alliance said...

great work.
congratulations for your sucess

Oscar Grillo said...

You see. Your life drawing classes at Disney were very useful to you at the moment of drawing the kissing kids.

Stef said...

- Hey Max! Thank you.

- Thanks Sarah.

- You're welcome Randeep, I'll go and check your blog soon.
Can you please send me your email, I can then send you the article directly.

- I don't know Vishyfishy.

- Aaaah, merci cher Matthieu. Comment ca va? je m'en vais bientot tu sais?

- Eh Genevieve! Merci, et oui je suis tres content, ca fait tout drole d'avoir une pleine page dans le Guardian, c'est tres excitant.
Je te vois bientot?

- Thanks Rebel Alliance.

- I was on my own in a dark room in L.A when I drew this, actually the first version I did was too dark, funny being in a very sunny place, but the apartment was a bit uninspiring.

Josh Parpan said...

Congratulations, it looks great!

spleenal said...

Oh wow!
these are great!
So much so I wish I'd bought it

John T. Quinn 3rd said...


Stef said...

What does that mean Yup?

Dan Thompson said...

these are beautiful!!!!!!

chris chua said...

such beauty in your bog! you make me want to go out and draw!!!!!

chr!stopher said...

These are fantastic Stef! Congratulations on the full page.

Anonymous said...

Great! Still a lot of inspiration Steph! Could I find this newspaper in mexico?

I am in L.A. this friday for 10 days, will you be there too? Would be nice to see each other!

Besos y abrazos, buena suerte,
La ptite Mexicaine ;-)

Stef said...

- Thanks Josh and Spleenal.

- Hey Dan! See you soon! practicing my surfing already.

- Thanks Chris.

- Thanks Ch!stopher.

- Ah ben non, zut! J'arrive que le 16 Septembre. Tina est deja la bas.
Qu'est ce tu fais a L.A?
Bisous p'tite Laure.

Shawn Escott said...

Great illustrations! The kids and older folks is really nice. It makes me think of a life-long relationship full of love. Wonderful design and color combo. The others have a nice energy to them and very unique style.

Joe Karg said...

Hi! This is my first time seeing your stuff and I'm really blown away. I am doing some very similar things with my own work here in the states. You are the first artist I've stumbled across that I connect with so much. I really love artists like Klimt and Hugo Pratt and you have that flavor. I would be honored if you would visit my site and give me some feedback.

Joe Karg

rose-a-petits-pois said...

Oui carrement! Avec Sylvain quand tu seras libre la semaine prochaine!
Dis moi...!

Marguerite Sauvage said...

Bonjour Stephane, merci beaucoup pour ton petit message sur mon blog !
Ca m'a fait drôlement plaisir car je viens ici régulièrement et j'aime beaucoup ton travail (d'ailleurs ces 4 dernières illustrations sont superbes)....A bientôt !

PaulSketch said...

ooo, I love this!! Congratz on getting it published in the magazine! It looks great

Polyminthe said...

super les illus en bleu...bon alors, un petit coup avant ton depart?a+

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! These are beautiful and inspiring, the top piece is simply lovely and romantic!!! That's truth love!

zébé said...

30 commentaires...
qu'est ce que je peux bien rajouter pour en faire un 31eme?
surtout juste après une experte en compliments.

je crois que je vais opter pour le "yup"

Wynne Chen said...

Lovely and innocence:)
I like the contrast of the blue & yellow, Red & green.
I am going to use the 1st picture for my deskdop:)

Matt J said...

Salut Chef! Hier soir j'ai vu RATATOUILLE pour le duexieme fois et je pense j'ai vu ton affiche! C'etait presque a la fin de la film-la scene dans le restau 'La Ratatouille' oui?

A. Riabovitchev said...


pRaKaSh bAiNg said...

gr8 work..

zébé said...

je ne sais pas si c'est bien de dire ça vu que tu ne gagne surement rien dessus, mais...comme Matt, j'ai vu tes affiches...
mais en les vendent a la fnac des Halles.
ça claque!!!!

zébé said...

mince...maintenant que je les revois....c'est troublant....ça ressemble énormement....mais ce ne sont pas les mêmes!!!!
je me suis fourvoyé!

Stef said...

- Thanks Shawn.

- Hi Joe,

I'll visit your blog as soon as possible, I'm very busy at the moment, moving to a new life.

- He! Bonjour Marguerite, merci!
Ton travail est vraiment super, peut etre que nous nous rencontrerons quand je repasserais a Paris.

- Thanks Paul.

- Ben ouais, on va essayer Sylvain, c'est pas evident, avec tous ces papelars a faire avant de partir. J'espere que tu vas bien!

- Aaaah Zebe, c'est vrai que c'est pas facile apres elle, mais tu te debrouille bien, ajoute un ou deux "coolio".

- Thanks Wynne, please do.

- Oui Matt, dans la toute derniere scene, ca dure 5 secondes, il faut etre rapide, mais elle y est!

- Hey Andrei! Hope you're doing well, thank you.

- Thanks pRaKaSh.

- He Zebe, je n'en ai fais que 3, les autres on ete faites par un designer a L.A, c'est peut etre celles la que tu as vu a la FNAC.
J'espere te rencontrer un de ces 4 lorsque je passerais a Paris voir Alexis et Constance. J'ai adore ton illustration avec la 4L.

zébé said...

houbin dis donc...ce serait chouette ça.
On pourrait aller se saouler au "ricles"...(n'est-ce pas monsieur Alexis)

Peter Emmerich said...


Stef said...

- Ah ben oui, hein sexy?

- Thanks Peter.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Great piece!

Catherine said...

II just found your site today. I love this picture!

Yolanda said...

I like the way it tells a story without words. The first illustration is just awesome! Congratulations.

Alison said...

I just wanted to tell you that I cut the full page illustration out and put it on my binder. It was not until today that I thought to look up the artist! Amazing work.

Stef said...

- Oh thank you very much Alison! and thanks for looking at my work, I really appreciate, it means a lot to me when someone liked my work in the Guardian. I really enjoy doing this piece last summer. I'm hoping to get the opportunity to do a full page for them again someday.