Thursday, May 03, 2007

San Francisco.

We went to San Francisco last month to attend and Illustration course at the Academy Of Art. I love San Francisco, this city inspire me so much.
Here are some of the people, buildings, vehicles...I came across.

Steve and Becky from the team in L.A, charming people.

The very very talented, and very nice Rich Tuzon.

That guy cracked me up, read the panel he's holding.

Mr Ben Boutcher from Pixar, that guy is doing incredible collages.

John deep into his painting (which came out so great), and Chris Schnabel, amazingly talented Artist from Pixar too. I just discovered there that this guy illustrated one of my favorite version of the Jungle Book, such beautiful paintings, and such a nice guy too.

We were given an assignment the first day, to do a piece about San Francisco. The theme to choose from were:
Music, Litterature, Sport, Cuisine and history. We headed up to a Jazz club the first night, Jeff, John, Matt and myself to to some sketches. I was hoping to do a piece about music.

But then saw this fellow one morning just outside of our hotel...

...and I did this. (painted with coffee)


samacleod said...

WOW! So much eye candy! Love it all! I don't understand why your cars look a thousand times better than any other car drawings! What's up with that?
That last piece with the coffee is just beautiful.

Stef said...

Hey Steven,
Thank you very much. About the cars, I don't know, and I really appreciate your comment, it's probably because I don't think about it as a car or a truck when I draw it, just lines, or something alive.

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! SO many pages of beautiful drawings. That one with coffee rocks!

Per H said...

Really great sketches! I also love the the car drawing.
Greetings from Karlstad!

Mattias said...

That panel sure cracked me up, wonderful sketches Stef

prottis said...

Hi! You are my best blog's artist and you give me always new inspiration!

Matt J said...

Cette nouvelle post est super sympa!! Le premier image de la camionette est superb, le vue de le derrier de le tete du mec en noir & blanc c'est bonne et le dernier image en coleur de le 'bum' est incroyable! Ca marche bien le nouveau technique 'fouillis',non?

A jeudi mon grosse saucisson!

Stef said...

- Thanks Alina.

- Tack sa mycket Per!

- Thank you very much Mattias. There are so many tramps in San Francisco, they're following you everywhere, this one was quiet and shy.

- Gracie mille Prottis, I really appreciate the compliment. I might go on honeymoon in Italy and hoping to do many sketches there.

- De mieux en mieux! a Jeudi, don't forget to shave and have a wash x

eendar said...

wonderful and inspiring sketches, as always :)

Matt J said...

I promise to be clean shaven, smooth like a baby, ready for when we 'kiss' like real men!

Oscar Grillo said...

You've been amazingly busy, Stefano!!!...That and getting married!!!
Bloody Hell!!!!!

Cat said...

stef, again I love the architectural drawings - you never think of a lamp post as something interesting until you put it on paper. The UPS truck.... they look like they are colored digitally, but maybe it's gouache done on location? Or markers?

nice sketches of the Illustration Academy people too - you really captured everyone.

Jared Shear said...

Very nice sketches.....and the coffee one is super cool!

Civilian Art said...

I wonder too about how you colored the UPS truck, which like all of your vehicles, is fantastic.

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Great likeness on the character artists! Very easy to recognize. You really captured them.

Stef said...

- Thanks Eendar.

- A Jeudi Matthieu!

- See you on Thursday Oscar, and then Saturday for the big day! actually it's 2 big days in a week!

- Hey Cat, thank you very much. I colored the truck on photoshop, didn't really have time to color it on site as I wasn't doing most of the sketches inbetween the Academy courses.

- Thanks Jared.

- Thanks Civilian Art. most of the vehicles on my blog have been colored on photoshop.

- Hey Ry, thank you! it was fun to draw them. I have a lot more of Steve I did while he was imitating my French accent. :)

Genine said...

Love your style! Really great stuff.

ed said...

even better and better! I like this your style increasingly!

(do you know Blutch? the jazz series remembered me so much to him)

Polyminthe said...

Quelle belle serie!
A jeudi donc,je serai avec rose-à-petit pois,mon autre colloc,vers 19h-19h30.wé trop bien!

Stef said...

- Thanks Genine.

- Hey Ed! Yes I know Blutch, I don't know him personally, but I know his work. I love it, I guess he has an influence on me somewhere, I take that as a compliment, thanks Ed!
Are you reveiving a lot of Remixes?

- Super Sylvain, merci de passer, et puis j'ai beaucoup entendu parler aussi de Genevieve sans l'avoir jamais recontree, donc cool!

Oscar Grillo said...

Good luck tomorrow, les garçons!

Stef said...

Merci Oscar! A demain!

pierre alary said...

tu vas les bouffer ma crapule!! tout ce talent dans un seul homme !!bioutifule!! je te retrouve en blanc ce W.E!!

Jonathan said...

So many amazing drawings! Fabulous work.

A menina da Ilustrarte said...

I think you should visit the site and participate on the competition of illustration.

best regards,

Anonymous said...

you draw like you breath
so natural

Boris Hiestand said...

Hi Stef,

it was good to see you again yesterday. I think the exhibition as a great succes- I for one thought the work was lovely.

Please email me- I don't seem to have your address and I'd love to get hold of one of your sexy prints.

Anonymous said...

belle serie...surtout, quelle frequence de croquis, ouch!
on sent ta joie de faire dans ta ligne, je trouve.

Stef said...

- Thanks Jonathan.

- Thnaks Sofia, I will check it out.

- Thank you very much Yacin, your last moleskine pages are so beautiful!

- Hey Boris, thanks for coming over last night!
Email me, I don't have your email address, mine in on the right hand side of the blog.

- Merci beaucoup Laurent, tres joli compliment.
San Francisco m'inspire vraiment enormement, dans ce cas la, c'est un plaisir de dessiner tout le temps.

Nina Johansson said...

Wow, this was my first visit to your blog, but it sure was not the last. Your drawings blow my mind, they are so free, loose, simple and yet intricate, I love them! How come I didn´t see this before? Such a source of inspiration! Thanks!
Greetings from Stockholm!

Smook said...

These are beautiful Stef (as always). I've never seen a better looking UPS truck, EVER.

I'm saddened that I can't come to see the exhibition, I hope it's going well.

UrbanBarbarian said...

Each one is a mini-masterpiece but I'm really blown away by that UPS truck... How did you make such an ugly vehicle look so damn good?!?!? Simply amazing!

richtuzon said...

oh mannn! Finally we the drawings from SF. I like the comment about how you draw like you are breathing. It just flows so naturally and effortless for you. I think that is a perfect description.

I can't decide if I like the people sketches or the car and architectural sketches more. I guess I do not need to. Well done and thanks for posting these.


Anita said...

Just found your blog and TOTALLY enjoyed my visit.
That first car is mindblowing and your sketches have so much motion in them.
Bagsy first lick of the coffee sketch! LOL!

PaulSketch said...

WOW!! You've captured my city perfectly! There are soo many sketches
:D :D

Oscar Grillo said...

In case you didn't know, Stef and Tina got married last Sunday. Lots of happiness for both of you!!!!!!!!

Anita said...

Hi Stef.
I was recently 'tagged' and now have to tag seven other art blogs to join in the fun.
I hope you'll play along.
You will have to visit my blog to read the rules.

Stef said...

- Hej Nina. Tack sa mycket! I have sketches from Stockholm too in my archives if you want to have a look.
Thanks for popping by.
Hej da.

- Hey Smook! Thank you very much, the exhibition seem to go very well, we had a very good turn out for the opening, it was a great night!
We will post pictures soon, you can then have a look.

- Well, thank you very much Urbanbarbarian, I really appreciate your comment.
As I said before, I don't treat the subject as a vehicle when I sketch one, I just see beautiful organic lines coming together.

- Hey Rich! Thanks! Do you like the sketch I've done of you?
It's now official, we will sketch together soon, you can finally take me to the suicide bridge (to draw that is), start of a new life for me!

- Thank you Anita! If you are around London, pop by our exhibition in Hammersmith, riverside studio.

- Thanks Paul, your city is beautiful and inspiring, I'm hoping to be there more often now that I'm going to be next door.

- Thank you very much Oscar! We are so happy! 2 days so far, and the mariage is still not on the rocks!

Matthew Forsythe said...

these are wonderful!

it's finally spring here in montreal, so i'm gearing up to do some outdoor sketching and looking at your site for inspiration.

richtuzon said...

Ahhh! Congratulations and welcome aboard, my friend. This is good news for us indeed.

Rotbart said...

What a great Blog... very inspiring sketches, you have a very fluid style, geat lines... I love all your cars and houses...Where do you work in London? Do you offer traineeships? (that`s serious);)
I go out now to draw cars...;D

Stef said...

- Hey Matthew!
Thank you very much! I'm hoping to stop by Montreal one day, and we can go out sketching together.

- Thanks Rich. Put the beers in the fridge.

Rotbart said...

Sorry, but
Thanx for response :(

Stef said...

Rotbart, I was about to answer to you, and wanted to take time as I'm very busy, thank you very much for your comment.
Email me and I'll answer your questions.

Rotbart said...

ok. Thank you ;) (yuhuu)

paper-muncher said...

These are beautiful. I love the sign that guy's holding up! :) :) :)

Phritz said...

Sehr schoen. Perhaps you could like hand out a few of your cartoons to the bums, and like they could make a collection and sell them for half a shekel..........

you're not merely bourgeois, but monarchist

Stef said...
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