Monday, April 02, 2007


Back from a great week in San Francisco, I'll post my sketches soon.
I drew this tree yesterday afternoon.


zébé said...

Le voilà, il est rentré!!!!!!
les arbres Londoniens te manquaient?

max said...

There's some great trees this time of year. This is very effective. Lovely.

Stef said...

Hééééé! Salut Zébé! merci de passer par ici.
Non les arbres Londoniens ne me manquaient pas du tout, j'adore San Francisco, super jolie ville!
Je vais commander ton bouquin bientot. Le tome 2 a l'air extra pour le peu que j'ai vu sur ton blog.

Stef said...

Tchao Max! como estay?

Mattias said...

Nice Chinese or Japanese (i get confused) feel to it, looking forward to the sketches from Frisco

max said...

Very well thanks, I'm feeling the springtime. Hope to see you soon.

nic said...

Bonjour Stephane! It was great to meet you and the Crookie the other week. Hope you all get to come back again soon. After you guys left, we did some vehicle sketches in your honor I'll have to post soon. :)

Oscar Grillo said...

Salud, Esteban. Nothing definitive yet but if the weather is good I'd like to organise something at home on Sunday...are you around?

Stef said...

- It's French feel Mattias. I'mm keeping some of the Frisco sketches for our exhibition next month, but will post some of them here, as well as the ones from Croatia last year.

- Great to meet you and see Rich again in Frisco.
Hopefully we'll see each others soon again, you guys have to take me to this suicide bridge in Pasadena, not that I'm depressed...

Oscar Grillo said...

Suicide is painless, Stef.

Stef said...

- Funny I was thinking about this song when I wrote the comment. I about to get married, I'm not thinking about that...yet.

Alina Chau said...

beautiful!! Love the contrast!!

UrbanBarbarian said...

I LOVE this illustration! Poetic!

Vince M. said...

Simply Beautiful, Stephane!

andy said...

Very nice, great shapes and composition!

richtuzon said...

a most beautiful piece indeed! Your drawings are refreshing and charming and your design sensibilties are contemporary and sophisticated...a complete artist. You are so talented and inspiring.

Now I must kill you.

rose-a-petits-pois said...

c'est simple, mais joli et tellement efficace!
J'espere que tu t'es bien eclate a San Francisco :-)

Midz said...

Put a link to your blog on my page... hope you don't mind. Love your work! Midz

croqui said...

nice work!
very nice blog!

R.Dress said...

Really nice study man. Go Stephane!

Anonymous said...

Really nice Stef, I don't know how you get the extra time, Good work as always!

Rob : )

Sebastien Gallego said...

Great art Stephane! I'm glad I found your blog. You have a beautiful sense of design and composition.

PaulSketch said...

i like the size and composition of this!! I'm working on a big painting this size

the doodlers said...

Great use of tone and shape. These trees must be ready to bust out in buds soon.

Stef said...

- Thanks Alina.

- Thanks Urbanbarbarian.

- Thanks Vince! are we going to see you this year?

- Thanks Andy.

- Hey Rich! Thanks, what a compliment that I must return to you Monsieur Tuzon. Do I have the green light to post the sketch I've done of you in San Fran?

- Salut Genevieve. Oui, San Francisco etait super! J'adore cette ville. Merci.

- What blog Midz?

- Thanks Croqui.

- Thanks R.dress!

- Thanks Rob. I'm making the extra time, evenings, weekends... and I love sketching around, it's not like work after work.
How are you anyway?

- Salut Sebastien, merci beaucoup! Je suis Francais aussi, et je travaille pour Disney.
Tres chouette travail sur ton blog!
Comment se passe la vie aux U.S?

- Thanks Paul. What's the subject of your painting?

- Thanks Doodlers. Yes a lot of them are already, it's actually beautiful in my street.

richtuzon said...

but of course my friend.

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