Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Toy Fair.

I've been to a Toy Fair last week in Nuremberg (Germany)...this is what I brought back.
Below is the Durer House. Very beautiful all distorted house.

One of the funny moment of the fair was to watch people having a go at the Nintendo Wii, they seemed to have so much fun!

This red fellow below is one of the bouncers you'll have to talk to if you want to get into any stands to have a look. How crazy is that? The toy fair is anything but fun actually, once you're inside, it's pretty serious, and you don't see one kid!
This one was the Mattel bouncer.

Some stands are more welcoming though, like this girl on the top left, and this funky chap who is one of the Lego designers.

We also had a great conversation with our Taxi driver one evening.


Matt J said...

J'adore la maison de Monsieur Durer. (For some reason when I glance at the drawing quickly the house looks like it's FARTING!!)

The LEGO dude must have been interestin,g to talk to? DISNEY Lego must be on its way non?

Elliot said...

Oscar was driving your cab?

Mattias said...

We have a Wii at the office it's great fun. nice sketches Stef

Matthew Cruickshank said...

I was inside the house- farting.

bon dessin monsieur

Anonymous said...

La maison! Et juste derriere, l'anglais du taxi :)

Stef said...

Durer house is a very interesting house from the outside Mr jones, you can see a lot of rooms that you can access inside... what's behind those doors?...

I haven'ttalk to the Lego guy, he's English actually, and no, I haven't heard about any Disney Lego on the way, such a shame, they could do great stuff! I got a Mickey and Minnie Lego like in Tokyo a couple of years ago, not from Lego, they look great!

- Elliot, enjoy N.Y.

- Thanks Mattias.

- Merci Matthieu.

- Salut Laurent!

Matthew Forsythe said...

oooh, that house is wonderful.

Stef said...

Thank you very much Matthew, it was a very ineteresting house to draw.
Funny enough, I hated this sketch after doing it, probably because I spent few minutes in the cold German weather trying to draw it.

Virginia said...

Stef all your post are beautiful,glad to find it :).
Well I think this is my last comment for a little long a while. People follow you :).