Friday, January 19, 2007


I went to see Madeleine Peyroux live just before Xmas. Did few sketches in the dark.


gur-B said...

Et Voila. C est tres Bon !

Stef said...

Aaaah, merci Gub-B!
Mevroaw Kardos.

Matt J said...

super bien! Yeah,baby! Encore les images JAZZ, plus, plus! You crazy cat.

WHY did you never teach me the real meaning of the word CHAT?! Je fait un faux pas terrible hier soir!

Alina Chau said...

JAZzzzzy!! Your vintage style is awesome!

Oscar Grillo said...

Oo Bop Sha Bam A Klook A Mop,
Ish Biddily Oten Doten Wah Bop A Deeten Doten . . . (Jazz parlance)

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

very soon, you'll be doing cd covers for musicians who sing songs about cars.

groovy baby.

Kaboche said...

WOW!!! Mais cest super beau ca!
Really like your work.


nic said...

I really like this; I'd say it's one of my favorites of yours.
Madelein Peyroux is amazing; was lucky enough to catch her in concert last year (i think, maybe '05) here in L.A. and I remember feeling like melted butter afterwards.

tre - | ...| said...

i like Madelein Peyroux, and i like your style. what a perfect union.

i saw the first time your blog at "london people" time! and it was love at a first sight!!!

3 - | ...|

Stef said...

- Monsieur Jones, what did you do? you don't talk like that to the French ladies!
Thanks for the card!!!

- I'll write those words under the sketches Oscar.

- thanks groovy Johnny! we'll miss you in Nuremberg.

- Merci Kaboche.

-Thanks Nic. I have to say that I wasn't very impressed by Madeleine Peyroux live, love the CD's. but the concert didn't have any real energy, maybe the venue was too big, I would love to see her in a small bar, like the Ronnie
Scott in London.

- Tre, I return the compliment to you...your work is fabulous!

mish said...

The colours in this one create a good sense of atmosphere - subdued lighting - clever.

rose-a-petits-pois said...

La chaaance! Ca devait etre un super spectacle!

Stef said...

- Merci Mish.

- En fait pas vraiment genevieve. C'etais assez ennuyeux du fait que ce soit dans une grande salle. Certaines personnes ont meme quittee la salle lors de la premiere partie. Elle a une voix merveilleuse, mais j'aurais beaucoup aime la voir dans un bar ou un club Jazz plutot.

Virginia said...

Love the style vintage very much