Monday, July 24, 2006


So, back from COMICON, it was overwhelming.

Great to finally meet some of the Artists I met through the blog over the past year, it was so inspiring to be amongst such great Artists.

I’ve decided to put a book together of my sketches as few people at Comicon asked me why I do not have one out already. I’ll start soon to get my head around self publishing and see what I can do.

I have so many sketches to post from my trip to Croatia, plus L.A. and San Diego now, that it will take me a while to put them together and colour some of them, plus I have to work on a great project for few weeks in August, as well as moving house.

Below is my take at a poster for the Comicon, I sketched this guy there, he’s known as Duval, he was signing his comic book pages at a booth. He was so friendly; he kindly signed my sketchbook for me as well as a picture of himself on which he wrote: “Stay Super!

I will surely do Duval.


pasto said...

Indeed you should make a publication of your sketches. Great idea. Can't wait.

Louie del Carmen said...


Meeting you and Pierre were one of the highlights of my Comic-con experience. I truly envy your travels! It seems like you have some magical ship that let's go be everywhere!

Get that book done my friend and I will be first in line to buy it! Keep posting the good stuff.


Stef said...

- Merci Pasto, je vais m'y mettre bientot. Quelques personnes m'on offert de me donner quelques conseils a ce propos a San Diego. Il va falloir choisir lesquels publier maintenant.

-Hey Louie! Thanks, Pierre was so successful at the "stuart NG books" booth. Was great to meet you and other bloggers finally.
I'll get a book done as soon as and I'll send you a copy with pleasure, we will finally be able to swap books.

- O S A K A - said...


pascal said...

WOW... tu as des pointures dans ton blog toi..LOUIE DEL CARMEN?

allez, zou, dans les favoris!
Quel plaisir de t'avoir rencontrer a comic con!
J'ai hate de voire to bouquin!


Alina Chau said...

cool sketches, can't wait to see your travel drawings!! They are the best!!

Stef said...

- Merci Pascal, je t'ajoute dans mes liens des que possible.
Tres content de t'avoir rencontre aussi!

-Alina, where were you at the con?! we all looked around for you!

the doodlers said...

Hello Stef! We saw your photo on Louie del C's blog. So much wish we could have been there...

Looking forward to your Croatia sketches.

Cedric said...

Sounds great. Can't wait to see them!

alberto mielgo said...

Go for it! and include this fantastic poster.
This is one of the gratest superman.

Stef said...

-thanks Doodlers, the watercolours on you blog are so beautiful!

-Thanks Alberto. You should doa book to mon Ami, you work is mind blowing!

Matthew Cruickshank said...

What's going on?

Stef said...

Have you met Alina?

Dan Thompson said...

This is great Stephane. You should design next years poster.

Stef said...

Hey Dan! thank you, great to see you in L.A. where wrer you at comicon? hope to see you soon, I might come over for a month too at some point, you can take me surfing.

Dik Pose said...

Wish you would have found our booth (The Those Guys)... oh well... there will always be a next time, until then I will simply enjoy your sketches online...

Stef said...

-I'll see you next time for sure guys, Pierre managed to met you apparently, it was so crowded and so much to see. I wanted to sketch a lot of the Artists signing their books, but most of the time was almost impossible to stay still next to a booth.

Matt J said...

Bonjour Stef, twas a pleasure to talk to you the other night, wish I could've been there @ the Con with you guys, maybe next year. A book of your stuff would sell like crazy, you gotta start work on it ASAP!!
Looking forward to seeing Nevarez's book, thanks again for sending it over.
I'll call you again soon.

enzo avolio said...

Wow! It's always good to find a great site.
Great work!

Anonymous said...

Bring on the sketches!!! I'm burning up in anticipation.

Stef said...

-Great talking to you to Monsieur Jones. Watch out now that you're living in the brokeback mountain area of Paris.
Books are on their way.

-Thanks Enzo

-I'm working on the San Diego one, very busy at the moment and I don't even have a home for a while... they should be ready soon.

max said...

Hi Stef, I just saw some photos of yours at the Comicon on a weblog, you look in top shape.

Mattias said...

The book thing sounds wonderful, hope you will find a pblisher soon.

Ed f. said...

Thank you so much for the sketch of pierre! It was incredible just running into you on the show floor. Thank you so much for the advice, it's definately advice I'll rememeber!


Stef said...

-Thanks Max, working out very hard.

-Thanks Mattias, I think I'll go for self publishing first to do exactly what I'd like to do with my sketches and the layout of the book.

-Hey Ed, you're very welcome! it was a pleasure talking to you, and don't hesitate to contact me if you need any imformations.

Gerald said...

That looks just like Duval. I've been seeing photos of this guy everywhere. And sketch totally captured his hair and super hero suit. Nice.

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