Monday, August 15, 2005

Watercolour class

I've been to a watercolour course 2 weeks ago in Maine, near Rockland, here are some of the paintings I've done during the class. The first one is a thumbnail and the last one quite a large one (14''x 20''). The second one (the yellow truck) was a quick exercise (25 min) on a 14''x 20'' piece of paper. It was very interesting for me to use stronger values and opaque colours as I never really used opaque colours in my work before, or not that way.


Chachou said...

I am a huge fan, Stephane.

Give us more of your drawings!

Stef said...

To Chachou:
Thanks Chachou! I'll post more soon!

Anonymous said...


perhaps you could post a few of the things you learned during this course? tips and tricks, etc.

great stuff.


Stef said...

To Matt:

Thanks for popping by Matt! I'll probably talk more later about watercolours, and about what I've learnt during this class.

willo said...

oh man.. this makes ME want to take a class! I could only hope I'd get near your talent!